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Winter Storage Tips 0

It’s getting to be that time of year when the thought of storing your Spider for its winter rest is approaching. Or maybe just storing its way for a longer rest.
Things like where to store your Spider as well as fuel prep, battery, and rodents.
Ideally, a heated garage is a place where you would want to store your Spider. Not all have access to one. If you must store it outside do not put it on grass or dirt. Both attract moisture and we all know what that leads to. An excellent quality car cover should also be used. Wash and wax as well.
These little rascals will chew wiring, upholstery makes nests and leaves remnants everywhere. There are many opinions as to what works best. Anything from D-con to mothballs, peppermint oil, electronic devices, even dryer sheets. Do a little homework and pick the best for you and your Spider.
Most fuel is now ethanol based. There are some stations that offer non-ethanol but not in many areas. Ethanol is hygroscopic, it attracts and absorbs water. Having a vented system will create condensation which together with the ethanol fuel the water will settle in the bottom of the tank, Spiders having metal fuel tanks which can cause rust.
Be sure before you put your Spider away to have the tank fuel. This will make less of an area or space for condensation to form. Adding a fuel stabilizer will help. Be sure to run your Spider for a few minutes to allow the stabilizer to circulate thru the entire system.
If your Spider is only going to be stored in a heated garage for a brief period of time and the battery is in good condition disconnect the negative cable so it will not run down.
If you plan on storing it for a longer time or in an unheated garage and have access to electricity a trickle charger is a good option to keep the battery charged. If no electricity is available remove the battery.
Oil Change:
It's also a good idea to change your oil before storing. Fresh oil will help to keep your engine lubricated during its winter nap. The extra bonus is when it's time for that spring drive you’ll be ready.
  • Frank Battaglia

Wiper Relay Kit - 1971-78 for 124 Spider and Sport Coupe Installation Instructions 0

Wiper Relay Kit - 1971-78 for 124 Spider and Sport Coupe Installation Instructions

Tired of slow wipers on your classic Spider? Improve the speed of your windshield wipers by installing this wiper relay kit. This kit allows power to bypass the switches which cause a voltage drop, allowing the wiper motor to receive full voltage from the alternator. This makes driving your classic Spider in inclement weather more enjoyable and safer.

  • Remove the cowl to get access to the wiper motor.   
  • Get a helper for this and be very careful to not scratch the fenders. It helps to put masking tape on the fenders next to the cowl, so if the cowl touches it does not scratch the paint.
  • Unplug the wiper motor’s electrical connection and plug in the relay kit's connectors. 
  • Route the kit’s red wire through the hole where the wiper motor wires go into the cowl area.   
  • Route that wire to the alternator and connect it to the output stud of the alternator. Be sure the wire is secured and will not get crimped or rubbed while in use. 
  • You may elect to secure the relays in the cowl area with zip ties or screws.  Be sure they are in a place where they will not interfere with the wiper motor or its operation.
  • Reinstall the cowl.


Wiper Relay Kit - 1971-78



How to replace the parking brake cable for a classic FIAT 124 Spider 0

How to replace the parking brake cable for a classic FIAT 124 Spider

This video will help show how to properly replace the parking brake cable for the classic 1966-1985 FIAT 124 Spider and Spider 2000. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Auto Ricambi. We offer all of the parts needed to complete this task.

New Engine Start-up Procedure 0

Auto Ricambi 95 amp alternator installation 0

Csaba shows the proper way to install an Auto Ricambi 95 amp alternator in this 2 part video.

Proper FIAT 124 Spider Fuel Pump Installation 0