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2017-on FIAT 124 Spider Chipbox Performance Unit by Seletron

Product Description

2017-on FIAT 124 Spider Chipbox by Seletron

Chipbox Performance Unit by Seletron.
This is a bolt-on power upgrade, increase horsepower and torque for better performance, completely reversible back to stock. Features a by-pass plug for inspections. 

If you do not plan to mod your FIAT much more than the basic intake and exhaust, this is a great path to getting reliable horsepower out of the box. 

If you want better throttle response as well, be sure to check out our Pedal Booster by Seletron. Designed to work with the Chipbox for amazing throttle response.

Add 30+ horsepower improvement with no other modifications needed. 

The Chipbox has been designed and manufactured with all the requirements for safety, according to the TÜV electromagnetic compatibility. Features a three-year warranty and no check engine lights.

The original wiring harness of the vehicle does not have to be modified in any way which makes installation simple.  Install in the engine compartment.


  • Easy Installation 
  • High-quality hardware, TUV approved with a 3-year warranty
  • Does not affect the ECU
  • No Check Engine Lights
  • Smooth Power
  • Solid horsepower increases
  • Works with all versions of the FIAT 124 Spider & 124 Abarth, FIAT 500 Abarth and FIAT 500X 1.4L  
  • 3 year warranty!

See the Chipbox installation instructions for the FIAT Spider here.

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