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2017-on FIAT 124 Spider OBDII Flash Tune by TORK Motorsports

Product Description

2017on FIAT 124 Spider/Abarth flash tune by Tork Motorsports.
Add real performance to your FIAT 124 Spider and make it a little angrier. Our performance flash tune increases horsepower and torque with no other modifications required. This is a tune that improves horsepower/torque, throttle response, drivability and economy and installs in 15-20 minutes (once tune is configured) using the supplied handheld device. 

The Difference
We have worked hard to offer a flash tune that delivers on all of the promises with independently verified dyno time at Growler Motorsports (formerly Cobb Racing) in Texas to prove and confirm the results. The Stage 1 tune will deliver a solid 40+ horsepower and 50+ wheel torque over stock! All of this without any other engine mods needed. Power can be noticed as soon as you mash your foot down all of the way to redline. No more flat spots or power drops at midrange.

These are real numbers with real results. Refer to the dyno sheets and notice the nice fat curve all of the way to redline. Tuning these Multi air motors are more than peak numbers, it is about real-world gains and performance. The Tork Tune has it!

Does this impact the factory warranty? Probably, but if you are asking this, you may not be ready for a real flash tune. Our flash tunes are designed to safely make power. Our tuners don't justify the additional power by running dangerous boost levels or excessive lean conditions, we make the power with the proper application of Multi air tuning, timing adjustment for premium fuel, torque limits raised and fueling. We retain all the factory safety limits for boost, over-temp, over torque, wheel spin with brakes applied, etc. 

Simply put, our flash tune makes your FIAT 124 Spider perform as it should have from FIAT and provides a reliable basis for future upgrades and mods.

What You Get
You will receive a color touchscreen handheld device that connects to your PC to read and write tunes to your car with all cables needed. Your Spider's original ECU code must be read from your car using the OBD connection and returned to us before the car-specific tune can be created. Once we have your information, we will quickly return your tune back to you in a few days (excluding weekends and holidays). Complete instructions will be emailed once purchase has been made.

Auto Ricambi Flash Tune by Tork Motorsports Offers:

  • More Power - 
  • Stage 1 adds almost 40 wheel horsepower and 50 foot-pounds of torque with no other mods required.
  • Quick and easy installation - no tools required other than the supplied handheld device
  • Easy to read color touchscreen handheld device
  • The handheld device holds up to five tunes (4 custom tunes and 1 stock tune)
  • OBDII Flash Tuning/CalibrationUSB Cable (computer/car connection)
  • OE Software, maps and protocols used
  • Can be flashed back to stock for dealer visits
  • Customer file back up 
  • Our tunes are designed to work with 91 or 93 octane fuel. If you have a lower premium fuel octane than that, please contact us.
  • Each tune is specific to your ECU and VIN number, cannot be applied to a different car.
  • Custom calibrations are available for an additional fee, call for information
  • Tork Tunes are configured for existing mods to your car (Disclose at time of purchase)
  • Stage 1 tune is offered in an e85 configuration, inquire for any custom configurations

Tork Tune Benefits:

  • Reduced throttle lag
  • Reduced turbo surge
  • Mod friendly custom options
  • Independently proven dyno results 
  • Thousands of miles of real-world testing
  • Easy to install
  • An easy and cost-efficient path to safely and cost-effectively increase horsepower 

We have designed our tune to be modular, so you can use it with popular mods already available for the FIAT 124 Spider. We configure tunes that are made specifically for your set-up. We can configure a tune for whatever mod combo you may have and we can suggest what to do next. If you just have exhaust and cold air intake, we can configure a tune for that too. If you are bone stock, no mods, not to worry, we have you covered!

Tell us what you have, we will custom configure your Tork Tune to fit YOUR car. This flash tune is a non-refundable item. Please refer to instructions and terms and conditions prior to installing this product on your car. Customer assumes any risk to car and warranties. No refunds.

Disclaimer notes:
Each handheld device is calibrated to your car. If the handheld gets damaged or bricked, a replacement handheld will be $250. Anytime a dealer performs work on the Spider, you should reflash back to stock tune. If the dealer reflashes the car, a new tune calibration will be required. The f
irst recalibration is free, any additional calibrations are $400. Please allow 1-2 weeks for tune calibrations.

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