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2017-on 124 Spider Wind Deflector - Illuminated

Product Description


These Illuminated Wind Restrictor accessories for the  2017on Fiat 124 Spider are a one-of-a-kind product and can be personalized with virtually any message or graphic that you can imagine for an up-charge.

The base installs just like the OE deflector and is constructed from stainless steel with a durable powder coated finish that looks like it was made for the car. The mount allows you to snap the wind deflector into place using the same holes as the factory wind blocker uses. This makes for a very simple installation process. The vertical clear part is a very durable PMMA Blended Glass material that is an incredible 3/8” thick so you will not have to worry about vibrations or movement of the screen once installed.  

Custom graphics are available for $69 above the cost of the clear deflector. This allows you to supply your own personalized design. This wind deflector features a very rare ambient lighting effect that will have people turning their heads at every stoplight and car show. None of the super bright neon lights, our products have more of an ambient subtle glow to them. You can also add on the color changing system for an additional cost with built in intensity control when you place your order.

This is a must-have for all car club members that want to represent their club. Are you a business owner? You can have your business logo and information put on the deflector to help get your brand exposed. 

We do offer two versions, a larger, high profile version (about 5 3/4" tall) and the smaller, low profile version that is the same profile as OE. The large version will block more wind than the factory wind blocker and there is more room for graphics if that is what you are after. The smaller version has the cut out in the center just like the OE version so that you can still reach over and grab their top while still sitting in the driver's seat. Both versions will block more backdraft than the OE plastic deflector because it is solid and does not have holes in it. The extra turbulence that it will reduce will allow you to hear your stereo better and carry on a conversation better even at high speeds.

This product features a 100% full lifetime warranty and after-sales support from the manufacturer. It is guaranteed to never crack, fade or turn yellow like some of the cheaper models that are on the market. 

Installation is easy and power for the illumination system can be picked up from tapping a wire in the harness. You can connect to the brake lights, tail lights or any keyed power source. We include step-by-step instructions along with photos in every order so that you can follow along. No splicing or stripping of wires is necessary we send vampire tap clamps so that the power is easily picked up. When finished with the installation there will be no wires exposed at all in your vehicle. There are also battery pack options available if you choose to not hardwired into the car.

Important Notes:
Deflectors without graphics or illumination generally ship within a few days and the high profile versions will be drop shipped from the manufacturer and may take a little longer to arrive. Custom art graphics can take two weeks to three weeks to ship.

Once your custom art has been emailed to Auto Ricambi, we will provide a proof of the finished wind deflector with your art in place for approval.

Download the installation instructions here.