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Posted by Frank Battaglia on Apr 12th 2022

Brake Booster Adjustment

The following procedure MUST be followed to insure safe brake operation. Please refer to the accompanying diagram (Figure 2).

1. Determine the depth of the concave opening at the mounting end of the master cylinder and record the measurement (dimension "D").

2. Determine the amount that the power booster pushrod protrudes past the mounting surface of the booster and record the measurement (dimension "A").

3. Adjust the acorn nut ("C") on the end of the booster pushrod ("E") to obtain a protrusion of 0.0408" to 0.0758" (1.035mm to 1.925mm). Be sure that the pushrod protrusion does not exceed dimension "D," the master cylinder opening depth. There must be a gap between the booster pushrod end and the master cylinder concave opening.

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