1980 FIAT 124 Spider

FIAT made a big change to the 1980 FIAT Spider 2000 in the middle of the model year: it added Bosch electronic fuel injection.  The carbureted 1980 FIATSpider 2000s are nearly identical to the 1979 FIAT Spider 2000, while the fuel injected 1980 FIAT Spider 2000 had big news: the fuel injection finally let that beautiful twin-cam engine breathe and power went up by nearly 20 percent!  The engine also ran smoother and got a better fuel mileage.  The fuel injected FIAT Spider 2000 has a few differences from the carbureted version.  Other than the fuel injection itself and the 'Fuel Injection' script at the bottom of the '2000' rear emblem, FIAT also changed some details.  The hazard switch moved from the center of the dash to the radio console, the windshield washer bag was replaced by a plastic bottle and the use of alloy wheels was increasing. 


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