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2017on 124 Spider ST XTA Coil Over Assemblies

Product Description

Improve the look and handling of this complete set of ST XTA height adjustable Coilover shock/strut kit. These feature KW technology for amazing handling and are precision engineered and road tested to the highest standards of the German TUV. The threaded shock Bodies allow you to easily customize vehicles ride height to the maximum, without compromising safety, functionality or superior driving performance.

XTA Coil-Overs feature KW damping technology (exclusively designed for ST) that allows the driver to adjust the stiffness and softness of the suspension depending on driving conditions. The damping adjustment is made on the upper end of the chromed piston rod for quick set-up changes. Increase the rebound force for track stability and reduced body roll. Decrease the rebound force for a more comfortable ride. An adjustable top mount provides the option to increase or decrease camber and caster based on driving needs or vehicle set-up.

Lowering adjustments are made via a continuous thread on the galvanized strut. Adjustments can be made when the kit is installed by turning the spring plate higher or lower. Lowering amounts vary greatly by vehicle (between 10-75mm depending on the application).

The ST XTA Coil-Over's monoblock guide and seal package reduce the friction of the damper, as well as protect it against corrosion and dirt. Struts are sealed multiple times, as well, to ensure maximum longevity in all weather conditions.


  • Maximum longevity
  • Reduced system friction for effective damping adjustment
  • Individual lowering with TÜV-tested adjustment range
  • Externally adjustable damping
  • Easy lowering adjustment
  • Complete solution with adjustable spring plate, race spring system and bumpers with dust protection
  • Scaled camber and caster adjustment
  • Adjustable ride height, Front Lowering: 0.8" to 1.8" Rear Lowering: 0.8" to 1.8"

    The XTA system uses KW suspension technology and adjustable camber adjustment plates. The standard ST system are ST based coil overs with fixed camber adjustment and no camber adjustment plates. The XTA system is recommended for competitive events or those wanting a more flexible setup and the standard ST system for daily driving or a weekend spirited driver.

    The installer will need to source a total of six M8 x 1.25 nuts to complete installation on the 124 Spider. The nuts from the car will not fit the ST coil overs and are not included in this kit from ST.

    Check out this video by Pistons & Petrol for the installation of these coil overs.

  Installation instructions available here.


FIAT 124 Spider with ST Coil Overs


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