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Fuel Injection High Pressure Hose - Gates

Product Description

Gates high pressure fuel injection hose - FIAT Spider 2000 and Pininfarina with Bosch fuel injection

Our premium Gates MPI fuel hose features the correct 7.9mm ID (5/16) and a working pressure of 225 PSI - far exceeding requirements.  

Low-permeation, premium hose for use on all fuel systems, including fuel injection (MPI). Approved for use with gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel including soybean methyl ester (SME), rapeseed methyl ester (RME), palm methyl ester (PME) per ASTM D6751, E-85, methanol, ethanol, ethanol extended gasoline, gasohol fuels and 100% alcohol. Patented five-layer Greenshield® barrier technology keeps fuel out of the environment while delivering peak fuel efficiency.

Select the quantity that equals the number of feet you wish to purchase.
Allow 3-4 feet for under hood hose.


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