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2017-on 124 Spider Koni Sport Shock - Rear

Product Description

Rear Koni Sport shock for 2017-on FIAT 124 Spider - all models

KONI is the premier manufacturer of adjustable shocks in the world. These shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the highest tolerances. This quality allows KONI North America to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our shocks.

KONI's Street Performance shocks have been engineered and tested to perform with the characteristics of your specific car.  The legendary adjustable yellow KONI Sport shock provides you a spirited driving experience and exceptional handling.

Externally Adjustable. These dampers can be adjusted, literally at the turn of a knob a technique borrowed from Formula-1 racing where KONI dampers have dominated the field for years. One can switch back and forth, in most cases in a matter of seconds, from a comfortable "touring" setting to a more firmer setting for a sporty drive. By means of a knob damping forces can be altered to driving conditions or personal preferences.

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