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Magnetic Pick Up Coil - 1979-85

Product Description

Magnetic Pick Up Coil - FIAT Spider 2000 and Pininfarina 1979-1985.

This is an often overlooked part that can fail without warning!  Don't get stranded, plan ahead and always keep a spare ignition magnetic pick up coil in the glove box of your classic Spider! This is something that may be difficult to source locally so don't be caught off guard.

Works with Magneti Marelli electronic ignition as well as OE Marelli Plex distributors. It is located inside the distributor and if it fails, your Spider will not start. Should be inspected yearly. Replace if insulation looks worn or cracked as exhaust heat can cause damage - If several parts of the distributor need replacement consider one of our new distributors at only $139.99

 How to test your ignition pick up coil


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