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Ricambi Performance Fuel Pressure Regulator & Filter - Carbureted

Product Description

Fuel pressure regulator and filter - FIAT 124 Spider, Sport Coupe and Spider 2000 1966-1980 Carbureted

This Italian filter and regulator allows adjustment of fuel pressure for optimum power and fuel economy. The inlet and outlets for either 6mm or 8mm (1/4" or 5/16") hoses. The glass dome allows for easy viewing.  Our kit includes a stainless steel body, glycerine filled gauge (0-1 bar or 0-15 psi) used for setting initial pressure (gauge is not for permanent use).

Our Filter King fuel pressure regulator is designed to improve the carbureted fuel system. Fuel flow is steady and constant at any weather, ambient and driving conditions, thanks to its wide and sensible diaphragm inside. A standard fuel pump can deliver a fuel pressure 5 times higher than the useful to feed carburetor, with overload, stalling or starvation of engine and waste of fuel. These regulators avoid these problems reducing and regulating the fuel pressure, with a perfect idle, immediate and fast start of the engine. The vehicle will run smoother without loss of performances at high rpm, as the pressure to carburetor will be set for the max engine power, plus additional safety percentage, according to the size of the needle valve. King Filter is manufactured with the best materials, by accurate machining and quality controls. 

100% E85 compatible

Replacement filter available here, FU1-402-Z.

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