2017on 124 Spider Stainless Exhaust with Muffler Delete

Product Description

Unleash the sporty sound that your new Spider is hiding with our rear section muffler delete exhaust made from 304 Stainless steel. Fits 2017on FIAT 124 Spider and Spider Abarth. 

This rear section replaces the factory rear muffler and features Auto Ricambi's signature quad exhaust tips that fit all 2017 Spiders models perfectly (including the Abarth model). Our upgrade gives a very nice sporty sound and a nice burble on deceleration, louder than original, but not overly loud, but is a non resonated system so check local laws, should be legal in most municipalities (Auto Ricambi not responsible for citations). With this upgradeone can still converse normally at highway speeds. Slightly Improves horsepower and torque due to better flow.  One-piece design makes installation easy.

The video below fairly accurately demonstrates the difference. Make your FIAT Spider sound like it should. This rear section fits the Spider Classica, Lusso and Abarth models as shown.

Stock Lusso exhaust vs our upgraded non-resonated rear section. The Lusso and Classica models retain the mid-pipe resonator so they are not as loud.

Download Installation Instructions

Stock Abarth exhaust vs our upgraded non-resonated rear section.


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