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Get out and drive!

Get out and drive!

Posted by Brett Melancon on Nov 18th 2020

At Auto Ricambi, we like to use the products that we sell on our own cars. A while back, we embarked on an adventure to take a neglected and non-running FIAT Spider and revive it to use in the Lemons Rally. This was to prove that with a little hard work, quality products from Auto Ricambi and dedication, we could make this neglected car into a reliable one that would travel thousands of miles without letting us down.

Did we do this? Well, read the story to see how things unfolded and to see what challenges we faced.

Click HERE to read the story.

Sometimes we hear people say that they are afraid to drive their Spider on long trips. We say that as long as the maintenance is up to date, go for it. The classic Spider makes an excellent road trip car and can be counted on for miles and miles of smiles.

A few of you may remember our Lemons Rally adventure that we embarked on a few years ago. The team at Auto Ricambi rescued a derelict 1984 Pininfarina Spider that had sitting in a Texas field since 1994. We spent about five days replacing anything and everything that needed attention using stock from our warehouse.

Spider underwent quite a transformation.The 1984 Pininfarina as it appeared when we rescued it.
The effort paid off and the car was used on a rally that covered over 7,300 miles in less than three weeks. The car performed wonderfully and proved that with a little effort, even the most neglected Spiders can be made roadworthy in short order.

After the rally, we sold the Spider on Bring a Trailer and took bets on how much it would bring. Let's just say that Ramzi ended up sending everyone a nice bottle of Texas Bourbon.