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Heater Valve Installation - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

Posted by Csaba Vandor on May 28th 2021

How to perform a Heater Valve Installation - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

Be sure you have two new gaskets for the new heater valve. And be certain to review our tech tip on bleeding the cooling system once you have completed this procedure.

  • First drain the cooling system. Be certain that the coolant level is below the level of the heater tubes. Disconnect the heater hose that attaches to the heater valve tube.

  • From the passenger side foot well, remove the heater valve from the heater core. Remove the tube from the heater valve and install the tube onto the new valve.

  • If your car still had the original heater valve (one with an integral capillary tube), it will be necessary to bend the short pipe about 10 degrees when installing the new valve, to keep it pointed in the right direction. Or you can purchase our new heater tube (SKU HE6-498) which will accommodate the newer style heater valves.

  • Install the tube on the valve and put the valve on the heater core while the tube goes through the firewall. See which way the pipe needs to be bent. Remove it, bent it a little, and repeat the procedure until the valve can be installed flush with the heater core.

    Fiat discontinued the original capillary style heater valve almost 20 years ago, and substituted this version which was originally fitted on the Fiat 124 Sedan and X 1/9.

Read more on how to properly bleed the air out of your cooling system here.

Parts List

You will need either the heater valve kit OR the heater valve and gaskets sown below.

Heater Valve Kit -  HE6-499 (recommended if for cars fitted with original capillary style heater valves)

Heater Valve -  HE6-498

Gaskets -  HE6-072

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