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Ignition Switch Removal - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

Ignition Switch Removal - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

Posted by Csaba Vandor on Dec 23rd 2019

The technical tips listed below are intended to aid in the care of your Fiat 124 Spider and should be used accordingly. They are based on many years of experience but are in no way a replacement for factory recommendations. Seek the professional mechanical assistance for all issues beyond your abilities.

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The normal procedure removing the ignition switch from the steering column is as follows:

  • Disconnect the battery negative terminal
  • Disconnect the wires from the back of the switch, or for 1978 and newer models, disconnect the switch's pigtail from the car's harness.
  • Remove the 2 Phillips head screws that hold the switch to the steering column - they are located toward the rear of the switch.
  • Insert the key, and turn it 90 degrees.

  • Locate the small hole on the right side of the switch bracket.
  • Push a small screwdriver into this hole to release the locking tab. The locking tab will only release with the key turned 90 degrees. If it does not release all the way try turning the key a little.
  • Pull the ignition switch out.
  • If there is no key or the key does not work then the lock part of the switch will have to be destroyed in order to turn it to release the locking tab. There is no easy way of doing this, but it usually consists of drilling a hole where the key goes and then going with larger and larger drill bits. Eventually, the lock will come out, either on its own or with help from a hammer and chisel.

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