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Oil Pressure Gauge Wiring Instructions

Oil Pressure Gauge Wiring Instructions

Posted by Mike Bouse on May 28th 2021

Oil Pressure Gauge Wiring Instructions

For cars with no factory oil pressure gauge:
The oil pressure gauge has five wires. Connections to all but one can be gotten from the other gauges. One wire is for the sending unit (LU8-047), a wire must be run from the sending unit to the gauge.

  • Red wire: +12 Volts (usually yellow/black on other gauges)
  • Black wire: Ground (usually while/black on other gauges)
  • White wire: Instrument light (usually white or white/red on other gauges)
  • Gray wire going to bulb: Low oil pressure light (can be pigtailed from low oil light in tachometer)
  • Gray wire going to gauge body: to oil pressure sending unit on engine, run separate wire

For cars with original oil pressure gauge:
While the plastic connector is the same shape as the original Fiat ones, the wires have to be changed around as per the picture below. With a pick bend the tabs on the metal connectors so they can be pulled out of the plastic connector. Then bend the tabs back so the metal connectors will stay in place after being reinserted. Reinsert the metal connectors into the plastic one per the picture below.