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Bleeding Your Cooling System - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

Heater Valve Installation - Classic FIAT 124 Spider




Wiring Diagrams for Classic FIAT 124 Spiders

Ignition Switch Removal - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

Wiper Relay Kit

Test an ignition pickup

Oil Pressure Gauge Wiring Instructions

95 amp alternator installation

1970 FIAT 124 Spider and Coupe Wiring Diagram

1975 FIAT 124 Spider Wiring Diagram

1971-1982 FIAT 124 Spider Fuses




Exhaust guide for FIAT Spider

Timing Belt & Seal Replacement - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

Diff Pinion Seal Replacement - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

New Engine Start-up Procedure

Test an ignition pickup




Fuel Pump Installation on a FIAT 124 Spider



Suspension and Braking

Replace parking brake cable for a classic FIAT 124 Spider

Front Suspension and A-Arm Replacement - Classic FIAT 124 Spider

Front A-arm bushing replacement tool instructions for FIAT 124 Spider

FIAT 124 Brake Booster Adjustment




Cut Holes for Door Panels - Classic FIAT 124 Spider



News & Events

Get out and drive!



Helpful Information

Proper lift points for 2017-on FIAT 124 Spiders

Upgrade Door Speakers on a 2017-on FIAT 124 Spider

Winter Storage Tips - FIAT 124 Spider